Viber Secret Chat : Yet Another App to Replicate Snapchat Feature

Viber Secret Chat

Viber, free calling and messaging social media app now allows users to send photos and videos in Self-destructive mode terms as Viber Secret Chat that disappear after the recipient has viewed the message.

Cloning the features of Snapchat is now new trend in other social media apps. Viber joined list of other app who cloned complete or portion of snapchat feature. Facebook tops the list with adding 24 hour story format in instagram. While viber has gone past and cloned one of the core feature of snapchat with Viber Secret Chat feature.

“Some things are meant to be seen once and then never again. When you send a secret message, it can be viewed exactly one time and, maybe more importantly, it can’t be shown to anyone else afterward. ” viber’s social media manager wrote on the company’s official blog.
Viber Secret Chat

Viber Secret Chat appears to be not so unique feature. SnapChat where messages are by default self-destructive, this new feature allows you to choose the photos and videos that you want to be self-destructive that is some unique part. It also alerts a user if the recipient  they are talking to takes a screenshot.

Viber which was acquired by Rakuten for $1 billion three years ago has claimed that app has over 800 million registered users, but how many of those are actually active is still a mystery. Certain parts of Latin America and North Africa, and in Myanmar and the Philippines in Southeast Asia are strong network for Viber, but it is far from as universally popular as WhatsApp or Messenger, reports TechCrunch.


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