Varun Dhawan didn’t Vote and Here is the Reason. Click to Know Why?

Varun Dhawan

India is the largest democracy of the world and every person above 18 years of age is entitled to the right of voting. However there is a black spot on the functioning of this biggest democracy.

This spot surface at the time when people use their voting power and go to vote. For a person to be able to vote, it is essential for his/her name to be listed in the “Voter’s List.” If one’s name doesn’t flash in the voter list, the person cannot vote and this impacts the structure of Democracy largely.

There have been many instances even with celebrities in past which suggests that this loophole can dishearten any person whether elite or a middle class. One of such instance happened in this year’s 2017 elections when for Brihan Mumbai Municipal corporation election where Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan couldn’t vote.

He was asked to check his name in the list and when he did that, he found out that his name isn’t present in the list thus he cannot vote. This raises many questions on the present system of voting and elections happening all around the country in terms of management for elections.

The most worrying fact that is rising from this incident is that, if a celebrity cannot vote due to absence of name in the voter’s list, what might be the situation in rural areas! Isn’t it alarming that the basic right of the citizen of a country isn’t granted due to some mismanagement? Every citizen of this country is equal and hence the people who aren’t able to cast their votes due to this discrepancy deserve an answer.

The right of vote is one of those unique powers which adjudicates the future of the nation, if that will also be pulverised by certain acts like name missing and other excuses, the future of India is really heading in a dark way.


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