Top 10 Android Apps that Make Your Blogging Easier

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Over the years Android has become most popular mobile OS, and it’s growing faster in the smartphone segment. There are list of android apps which you use regularly on your Android device. Thousands of Android apps are available in Google Play Store which are downloaded by the user every day. People love the app which makes their tech life easier. If we see the statics of mobile user, we know that people are using the smartphone more than computer or laptop for their everyday lives and that’s why I have curated a list of top and best android blogging apps that give power to blogger.

So, here is the list of best Android Apps for blogging to avail maximum benefits from your Android phones. These Android apps enhances your daily experience to complete your tasks faster than ever before.

  1. WordPress

If you are in blogging domain, you know very well that most bloggers choose WordPress. WordPress is one of the best blogging platform which helps to write, edit and publish a post on your blog from the App on your smartphone device. The best part of this WordPress Android app is you can monitor statistics/analytics, visitor behaviours; users site to use, read posts in readers. If you are using WordPress for blogging must try this android app.

  1. Blogger

Blogger is powered by Google Inc. and it is yet another great blogging app you can use if your blog platform is Blogger. With this Blogger Android app you can monitor your blog post, can edit your post and can publish it quickly on a single go.

  1. Tumblr

The Tumblr Android app is another competitive blogging Android app which you can use. The user uses Tumblr for sharing image, video, gif, music and links. There is one unique feature in Tumblr to send the message and promptly reply to the received messages. This is as easy as Blogger and WordPress Android apps. On Tumblr app, you can write the post, draft or edit the post and can publish the new post by using your smartphone.

  1. Blogpost

If you are using WordPress, Blogpost and Live Journal platform for sharing their stories in front of online users then this is the best app for you. This app supports tags, lists, text style and align functionality. The major advantage on this platform is you can easily embed your videos from YouTube.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Android app to track visitors of your blog and is powered by Google. With this app, you can check real time users of your blog, location of your audience and its behaviour.

  1. Google AdSense Android app

Google AdSense Android app provides you a facility to check your estimated earning of your blog from your mobile device. With this app, you can view estimated earnings, page views, clicks, CPC, Click through Rate, etc. same as desktop or laptop.

  1. Buffer App for Social Media

Being in touch with the users on plays a vital role in engagement. And buffer app assists you in best possible way to stay in touch with your users. The schedule post feature helps to plan and schedule future posts without being online the whole day and keeps the user in touch with the platform. You can post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn at the same time with buffer app.

  1. Feedly App for feed

Feedly is the app where you can get the latest news from your favourite blog, YouTube channels and news sites. Feedly helps you to find best blogs according to your niche and reads the best post from other bloggers. You just need to add your favourite site in Feedly app, and feed will fetch all the post from that particular site. This is the best app to stay updated!

  1. Pocket

The pocket app is one of the best app to save posts which you love to read again and again. It helps you to save the post and read it in near future.

  1. Google Drive

Google drive is the best app and its free app by Google Inc where you can create data files such as office & PDF documents, music files, images, and videos, etc. Google allows you to upload up to 15GB data in Google drive from one Google account. You can access your files from desktop and mobile app and you can share with any Google account.

So, let me know in comment section below which blogging apps you love to use to maintain your website and which are your favourite apps?


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