SoundCloud Gets Cheaper with Subscription Plan Revamp, Plan Starts with $4.99

SoundCloud Revamed Subscriptioin Plans

In March 2016, SoundCloud launched its subscription service SoundCloud Go at $9.99. After less than a year company decides to revamp the subscription plans. As per revised plans now new budget friendly plan starts with $4.99 termed as SoundClould Go plan. While older plan remain as it is with $9.99 per month under SoundCloud Go+ plan.

After plan revamp, new budget tier plan will offer access to over 120M tracks with offline listening feature and without any advertisement. meanwhile then older plan now SoundCloud Go+ will offer complete access with more than 150M tracks including millions of premium tracks. Go+ plan is also advertisement free with offline listening feature. Additionally Go+ plan will have previews disable option.

SoundCloud Revamed Subscriptioin Plans
SoundCloud Revamed Subscription Plans

Company CEO Alex Ljung said, “By expanding our offering, we not only enhance the experience for listeners on the platform, but also unlock new revenue opportunities to further expand our creator-payout program.”

According the sources of The Verge after almost a year of subscription service main concern for company is still converting the 175 million active users that visit the site every month into paying subscribers. With new $4.99 budget tier plan SoundCloud Go, company will try to cut down their compition with Apple Music, Spotify or Tidal whose plans start at $9.99.

For now SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ are available only in the U.S., UK, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany.


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