A Film Club for Students of JMI University Shows It Needs More than Books to Studies

Film Club for Students of JMI University

College days are indeed the Golden days of everyone’s lives because it shapes our personality and the craze to participate in extra curricular activities widens the dimensions of students. The colleges also focus on this aspect of extra curricular and try to engage students in these activities by a Film Club for Students of JMI University which will facilitate various societies by the support of students and professors.

Recently, Jamia Milia Islamia successfully inaugurated *Film club* catering to the interests of students in the same field. There is absolutely no doubt, that this film society will boost the students morale to pursue their careers in this field, but the established film club has its unique flair to establish new goals for people interested in the Cinema world.

The film club is a new feather in the University’s hat as it already has a Mass Communication Research Center that shapes of the Extra curricular activities of the college.

The inauguration of the film club in Jamia was done by none other than the chairman of Central Board for Film Certification and prominent Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore which is a great pride for Jamia in it’s totality. It will be interesting to look forward, how students take on the advantages and core of this club in Jamia Milia Islamia.

Sharmila Tagore at Film Club for Students of JMI University
Sharmila Tagore at Film Club for Students of JMI University : Source : NewsBytes

We all know that Madam Tagore is one of the most prominent Bollywood actress with 2 national awards and 2 Film Fair Awards to her name. It is also known that Madam Tagore is highly associated in taking ahead the youngsters from Universities to create the craze of the Indian film industry to a next level. This way, there is no doubt if she is thinking to expect more stars coming out from such clubs in existence in Delhi. It has been a long time that Delhi is perceived as a center of new talent, Madam Tagore must have set her hopes high.

The authorities were very positive during the inauguration and said “We need to be accurate with potential skills. WE want new youth comers to rise and make the city and university proud. The ultimate goal of this Film Club would be to bring back the culture of Act and Cinema in the Universities at high caliber.” This justifies that this film club is going to play a big role in the shift of scenario in the campus, which people have now started to expect in Jamia Milia Islamia university.


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