Samsung Recent Ad on “When it comes to relationships, distances doesn’t matter” Is One of the Most Inspiring Ads Ever

samsung inspiring ad

Amitji, Remote….

And the voice of PRERNA starts to echo in a place called “The Room of Hope” which houses the hope of a best friend, a hope to achieve more in life, a hope to light a lamp in your own darkness.

This all new ad of SAMSUNG INDIA SERVICES, released on December 30, 2016 comes with a tagline “When it comes to relationships, distances doesn’t matter”. When, we look closely to the advertisement, the ad has something more to depict than just the distance.

The video at a very basic level shows us some differently abled children in a hostel praying and enjoying the voice of one of their own kind. There are lot of children like this around the globe who need love and empathy more than just prayers and sympathy. According to a daily news report, India tops the list of highest number of blind children and among them a marginal number of children aren’t getting any kind of help from anyone.

It is appreciable that a company like Samsung is putting in some efforts and with this creative marketing strategy reminds us that, we need to build that hope again what has been lost from a very long time. There will be obstacles like the fallen tree on the road which Amit tries to push or a traffic jam by Chandu’s sheep but there are n+1 ways to solve a serious problem.

We are so much distracted by their inability to see the world, that we don’t see the talent hidden in them, like the melodious of PRERNA in the video itself. Some of us will ignore it because at the end it’s just an ad but how about we take it as a revolutionary step towards the betterment of the diverse society.

Last but not the least thank you Samsung for such a message to remind us that there is still some hope left in our world but without “HELP”, there is nothing anyone can do to achieve something great.


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