How Oscars 2017 Got TROLLED over Best Movie Name Mix-up

Oscars 2017

The Oscars is the most awaited night for the film industry as it provides a beautiful platform to everyone over there to witness the hard workers getting awards for their achievements. This year Oscars 2017 witnessed something very unprecedented.

Every actor dreams to win an Oscar for their work as an actor/actress as it shoots up their career in leaps and bounces and the film’s popularity touches sky. Winning an Oscar not only means sets an ultimate benchmark for everyone but also boosts self-esteem and pride. All the movie buffs and actors anticipate the Oscars every year.

Everyone was excited and curious to know who will step ahead, La La Land or Moonlight. La La Land has an exceptional background winning six Oscars which included best actress for Emma Stone and best director for Damien Chazelle( receiving the honor at the age of 32 ). On the other hand we had Moonlight with Fences and Hacksaw Ridge with extraordinary acting and technical awards and 14 nominations.

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On the Oscar night, the results finally announced the victory of La La land and elated the crowd. As the cast of La La Land proceeded to celebrate their achievement and headed to receive the award, Horowitz announced: “There’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won best picture”. This turned the excitement into
utter commotion and left everyone bemused.

“This is not a joke. Moonlight has won best picture, he repeated. Jimmy Kimmel, the host somehow tried to handle the confusion by making the situation humorous saying “I knew I would screw this show up. I really did.” The situation was somehow handled by Warren Beatty but this mistake embarked a huge blunder on the Oscars 2017.

This mistake was lifted up in the social media and people started connecting it different matters. For example, some said maybe Hillary Clinton was the true winner of elections.


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