Why Everyone Talking About Moonlight deserves to Win the Best Picture Oscar?

Moonlight - La La Land - Best Picture Oscar

The Oscar is the most prestigious award in the cinema world. They value movies on the basis of its context, act, voice , melody, thereby the achievement of Oscar make people ecstatic. The 89th academy awards will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and will be aired on ABC on 26th February. Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater, near Beverly hills will host this year’s Oscar awards! Yes, we are talking about The Best Picture Oscar.

Everyone is expecting La La Land to get the best picture Oscar, however there also is a view among masses and the experts that Moonlight will bag the Oscar. A master piece crafted on social ethics and humanity by Barry Jenkins, this movie is one of rare creations which deserves the award indeed. It has been highlighted by movie critics that this movie shows real flair of humanity and human struggle thus it is the perfect movie to achieve the award though.

The movie ‘Moonlight’ is being set on the platform of racism, mask of ethnic consensus around social spheres. It talks about justice through cooperation rather than violent struggles and mass parades. In the movie, a black boy named Chiron has to face all evil cruelties of social bondage and it reflects his identity.

The role of Chiron has been shared amongst three actors at different age though. Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes had played unique roles to justify the cruel face of social injustice Chiron was facing in the silently. His silence all throughout the movie was the loudest noise the created by movie in the hearts of the people!

In today’s time, people prefer going for glamorous movies and tend to avoid movies which showcase the true picture of the society. The movie ‘Moonlight’ is thought to be one of the best in the profession thereby many people are expecting it to get selected as the best picture.

The Black boy Chiron has been shown bearing all sorts of struggle which includes his addicted mother and drug dealing father and thus the situation has become more worse for him. The movie is showing a proper transition among all the struggle faced by the guy and hence this movie stand out. It talks about the stagnant force of life rather than virtual heroism of the present day world which makes it more popular at large.

Now it will be interesting to see what happens on 26th of February. Will Moonlight get any limelight or will it remains out of vision? Such movies are gold in glory of romance addiction in present world and they shall continue to raise social issues at large.Such awards inspire thousands people to lead new directions in such certain fields, thus the value of Oscars is beyond wonders indeed though.

Lets hope for the best!

May the force be with MOONLIGHT!


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