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ATM near me

Most of the Indians are currently in a situation where they are unable to collect hard cash for their day to day requirements. They have to rely on plastic money which is okay to some extent but is not getting accepted at all levels (especially with local and small vendors). Ultimate option left is to stand in long-long queues in front of ATMs and keep waiting for the turn to withdraw hard cash. Is there any way using which one can find ATM with cash near me or something similar? There exist few ways/apps which can help you find out the ATMs that are reloaded with cash (are in working mode and have cash amount deposited within) and currently have shorter queues than others. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have such an online/offline platform that can guide you with all these details.
Here in this article we are going to discuss about some of the ways that can help you with finding all the working ATMs around your area dispensing real hard cash right now.

How to find working ATM with hard cash in any part of India

If you Google about same then you will come across several applications/sites giving you the facility to locate working ATM around your areas. One such platform is CashNoCash by Quikr (Google it once). They have built an online platform that searches for the working ATMs around and comes back with best picks as per the live audience.
Only thing you need to use CashNoCash platform is to have valid PIN code of your area (where you want to check the working ATMs). Visit the official page and enter the PIN code in the search box provided.

After hitting the “Find Cash” button, you will get list of all valid ATMs that are currently having live cash around your area. Now simply visit them and get hard cash as soon as possible.

This application works as per the response from the users. You can update status of any ATM (where you have visited recently) with cash, queue, denomination details. It will gather all the information and after aggregating details from several responses it will show the current status of any ATM to other users. So it can be thought of a self-help platform where you can get help from someone else’s response and in the same way can help someone else by sharing status through your smart device.

You can check out the live cash ATM facility from Google itself. They are too predicting the status of all banks that might have cash deposit currently.

Let us know if you need any help on it.


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