‘Pro-Growth Leader’ and ‘A Great Man’ : Donald Trump on Narendra Modi

Donald Trump

Terming India as a “key strategic ally”, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has promised that if voted to power India and the US would become “best friends” and have a “phenomenal future” together.

Addressing a gathering of Indians organised by the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), Donald Trump praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “pro-growth leader” and “a great man.”

Donald Trump also said “I look forward to working with Prime Minister Modi, who has been very energetic in reforming the economy and bureaucracy”

“India is a key, and key strategic ally. And we do not even want to talk about it because it is nothing but a relationship that we will have. I look forward to deepening the diplomatic and military cooperation that is the shared interest of both countries,” Donald Trump said.

“India’s is the world’s largest democracy and is a natural ally of the United States. Under a Trump Administration, we are going to become even better friends. In fact, I will take the word even out because we are going to be best friends.” “Great man. I applaud him,” he said, about Mr Modi.

“This is historic in many ways,” Donald Trump said of the opportunity to address the Hindu American community. “I have great friends and great confidence in India. Incredible people and an incredible country,” he said.

Donald Trump On Narendra Modi
Source : The Fearless Indian

Mr Trump praised RHC founder Shalabh Kumar, a Chicago businessman who was instrumental in taking three Republican members of U.S Congress to Gujarat in 2013. Mr Modi, who was then Chief Minister, interacted with the U.S lawmakers. He was ineligible for a U.S visa then.

“I am a big fan of Hindu and I am a big fan of India. If I am elected president, the Indian and Hindu community would have a true friend at the White House,” Donald Trump said.

Referring to his real estate projects in India, the candidate said: “I have two massive developments in India, very successful, wonderful, wonderful partners, very beautiful, I must say….I was there 19 months ago and look forward to going there many many times.”

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“Generations of Hindus and Indian Americans have strengthened our country,” he said, praising the community for its hard work, commitment to education and enterprise. “That’s very impressive by the way.”

“I look forward to doing some serious bureaucratic trimming right here in the US, believe me, we need it most,” Donald Trump said. “Your great Prime Minister has been a pro-growth leader for India. He has simplified the tax code, cut the taxes and the economy is strong growing at 7 per cent year. Excellent.”

“We are going to have a great relation with China and Mexico, but we are going to have a great relationship with India. We are for free trade. We will have good trade deals with other countries. We are going to do a lot of business with India. We are going to have a phenomenal future together.”

On the sidelines of the event, he gave an exclusive interview to NDTV. “I have great respect for Hindus. I have so many friends that are Hindu. They are great people, amazing entrepreneurs,” he said.



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