8 Bollywood Actors In Struggles To Be Utilized by Industry

Bollywood Actors
Source : IndiaTimes

Everyone knows that it takes guts, hard work, calibre and long struggle to be a star in any field which you wish to pursue. However, there is a widely known community of celebrities who didn’t get the stardom they deserved. Let’s have look at 10 bollywood actors facing such challenge in present.

1. Isha Sharvani

This beauty made impact by Luck by Chance, but she got vanished. She later on worked with Ajay Devgan, but she wasn’t seen later.

Bollywood Actors

2. Ashutosh Rana

This dynamic Villon of 1990s made impact by dushman and Sangharsh. He later on acted in Badal and Kasur, but he is rarely acting including a Father’s role in Humti Sharma ki Dhulaniya, yet challenge is on.

Bollywood Actors

3. Chandrachur Singh

Considered as a dashing actor he did Kya Kehna, Josh and Daag: The Fire, yet he is out of touch and is struggling hard to survive in this competitive industry.

Bollywood Actors

4. Shreyas Talpade

This actor was applauded for Ikbal. He also worked with Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om, however he is still on his road to glory and has a long way to go.

Bollywood Actors

5. Mahi Gill

She appeared in movies like Dev D and Zanzir’s remake, however her shine contrasted her to choose roles dropping her popularity so she is amongst hidden faces in acting.

Bollywood Actors

6. Vivek Oberoi

This controversial actor tends to have rows with Salman Khan. However his work in Kurbaan, Krish 3 and others make him open to all challenges in the industry.

7. Randeep Hooda

He began his Bollywood career in Monsoon Wedding, playing a NRI’s role. He grabbed eyeballs in Surbjit too but he is still a face that is hidden somewhere.

Bollywood Actors

8. Arshad Wharsi

This star began with Tere Mere Sath, but his real name is known for Munnabhai, by role of Circuit. Furthermore, he lifted up his name by Jolly LLB but the track record for him hasn’t been constant.

Bollywood Actors


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